Rosa, What's Your Secret?

Rosa, What's Your Secret?

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SKU: 0609-022 | Rosa, What's Your Secret? Raising a Large Family with Love
Author: Rosa Pich

"How do you do it? How do you organize, cook, shop, and do laundry for so many people? How can you have peace of mind at home? How do you keep your career going? How do you have fun? Rosa, what's your secret?"
Rosa Pich reveals, in this faith-filled, eye-opening story of her life as the mother of 18 children, how you can be happy and energetic with your kids, whether you have one, two, three... or eighteen of them! Whether Rosa is sharing with us the picture of daily life in her home, the incredible challenges she has faced, or the adventures that come hand-in-hand with the choice of living large, her immense love for her faith and family shines through her words. So does the immense accountability of responsible parenthood that she takes very seriously. She fills these pages with laugh-out-loud stories, helpful anecdotes, and real-life experiences with her husband, friends, and--of course--her lively brood.

Language: English | Page Count: 144 | Size: 8.50" l x 5.50" w | Format: Paperback
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