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True Devotion to Mary (Hardcover)

True Devotion to Mary (Hardcover)

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True Devotion to Mary: 
A Consecration to Jesus through the Blessed Mother
Author: Saint Louis de Montfort

True Devotion to Mary, Saint Louis de Montfort's classic text, provides a guide to consecrating yourself to Jesus through Mary.

Saint Louis de Montfort was a French priest whose devotion to Mary made him one of the earliest writers on the subject of Mariology. A gifted speaker, Saint Louis quickly gained fame throughout France for his fervent sermons and teachings.

After being declined permission to be sent as a missionary to Canada, Saint Louis founded the Company of Mary (the Montfort Fathers) and the Daughters of Wisdom, with Blessed Marie Louise Trichet. In this beautifully illustrated edition, the original 1863 English translation of Saint Louis's most popular and influential work, True Devotion to Mary - considered one of the greatest works about our Holy Mother - is reproduced to guide readers to consecrate themselves to Jesus through Our Holy Mother, giving tremendous spiritual and transformative effects.

This historical devotion has inspired and been practiced by eight popes, most recently by Saint John Paul II, who frequently wrote and spoke about his special affinity to Mary and the inspiration given to him by Saint Louis' treatise.

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