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Brother Francis DVD - The Ten Commandments

Brother Francis DVD - The Ten Commandments

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Brother Francis DVD - The Ten Commandments

Do you want your kids to learn about the meaning and Biblical history of the 10 Commandments? As a Catholic parent or religious education teacher, it's challenging to present the Ten Commandments to children in a way that they will understand and grasp.

Help your kids understand the Ten Commandments and how they apply in everyday life with Brother Francis Episode 16: The Ten Commandments!

This episode of the Brother Francis 3D animated series takes your kids on a meaningful adventure, as Brother Francis gives a brief yet comprehensive presentation of each of the 10 Commandments and what they mean for children now, as well as in their future. Each Commandment is accompanied by captivating and sound examples that entertain as well as teach.

NOTE: Every effort has been made to present Brother Francis' "The Ten Commandments" in a way young children can understand.

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