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From Light to More Light (English/French Edition)

From Light to More Light (English/French Edition)

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From Light to More Light (English/French Edition)
Author: Susan Perna

Have you ever wondered how to share your childhood story of Creation from the book of Genesis with our children today?

This book will help you facilitate the conversation of Creation in the Bible. The message in this book and in these materials helps to draw children into a deep reflection on Creation and God's Plan. After working with Creation, they often gratefully proclaim, "We have an awesome God!".

Archbishop Richard Gagnon, President of Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has endorsed this book and given his Imprimatur.

Archbishop Michael Miller, Archdiocese of Vancouver, BC affirms, “It is not only dogmatically sound but also thoroughly charming for adults, and I can imagine most effective for young children.”


  • English/French edition available
  • Age: 3-12
  • An excellent gift for Baptism, First Communion & Confirmation 


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